Cantorion and John Daniel launched their first ever Choral Workshop at Llanrwst Leisure Centre on Sunday, April 17th.  It was an open invitation for men who wanted the informal experience of singing within the ranks of the Cantorion and it proved to be a huge success.  Several guests turned up for the experience and were treated to the full basics of vocal production and singing within the choir by John Daniel.  The demand is such that John and the committee will be arranging a second workshop soon.


The Workshop was set up as an invitation for young men from North Wales and beyond who had an interest in experiencing what singing within a top notch male voice choir feels and sounds like.  A lot of interest had gathered from ex-choristers as well as many who had not sung a note since school!!


John taught with a full knowledge of the vocal anatomy that is needed to provide a safe technical base. He blew away many of the myths surrounding vocal work and explained the background and reason for many of the analogies that are used in teaching singing.

Many choral singers have had little training or private tuition, and it is sometimes confusing for them to learn only through metaphor.  And, although this can be useful, often the singer has no knowledge of how they have made the changes they have achieved and cannot repeat them at will.  By attending the Workshop, choristers gained substantial, physical and vocal experience, backed up by a sound technical understanding.


Details of our next Workshop will appear on this website soon . . . .